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    Practice Policies

    Therapy consists of face-to-face contacts between a qualified professional and the person(s) in treatment. The focus is on the present problem and associated feelings, assessing probable causes of the problem and possible alternative courses of action and their consequences. The frequency and type of treatment will be decided upon between you and your therapist. You are expected to benefit from therapy, but there is no guarantee you will. Maximum benefits will occur with regular attendance and if you follow your therapists recommended outside efforts at behavioral changes/homework. You may temporarily feel worse while in treatment, as therapy can challenge long-held belief systems and ways of coping.

    Individual Mindfulness Coaching, Instruction and Classes, Work-place mindfulness trainings, MBSR, and other mindfulness programs are not reimbursed by insurance and fees for these services vary according to the services,

    Fee Schedule:

    • Initial Assessment: $150.00 per session
    • Individual Therapy: $140.00 per session
    • Family Therapy: $140.00 per session
    • Group Therapy: $35.00 per session
    • Written Reports: $50.00 per page
    • Phone Consultation: $25.00 per every 15 minutes beyond the initial 5 minutes

    Missed Appointments: 

    If you miss your session, or if you do NOT cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, you will be charged the full amount for your session. Insurance companies can not be billed for missed sessions. The missed session fee will be due before the next  session, and there will be a $5.00 charge, if billing becomes necessary.

    Returned Checks:

    There will be a $20.00 charge for all checks returned for insufficient funds.

    Payment arrangements: 

    Fees are currently paid via Zelle (preferred), PayPal, or Square. All fees must be paid at the time of the appointment. Fees not paid by the end of the day will have a 1% surcharge.

    Insurance Reimbursement: 

    YOU are responsible for verifying that your insurance will cover treatment. You are responsible for obtaining any authorizations for treatment that are needed. You are responsible for interfacing with Insurance companies in case of billing or reimbursement problems.  I do not provide this service.  You will be responsible for all fees should insurance not cover treatment, for ANY reason. All fees are due at time of service and are subject to collections, interest, or late charges if not paid at the time of service.

    At this time, I am only accepting a few insurances, and these are in flux. Please contact me about this.


    By law and ethical standards you are guaranteed confidentiality of your communication. Only if your permission is given in writing will information be released. However, by law, the following exceptions exist:

    • If you have intentions of harming yourself of another person
    • If you commit any act of abuse against a child, or if the Therapist suspects a child has been abused.
    • You may be reported for criminal acts of violence and elder abuse.
    • Therapists may routinely exchange medical information, without a signed release, necessary for coordination of care (per state and federal HIPPA laws).
    • Confidentiality does not apply in couples therapy.