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    Between stimulus and response
     there is space.
     In that space is our power
     to choose our response.
     In our response
     lies our growth
     and freedom. ~Viktor Frankyl

    Mindfulness is a universal human capacity—a way of paying attention—that can be cultivated, sustained and integrated into everyday life through deep inquiry fueled by the ongoing discipline of meditation practice. Its central aim is the relief of suffering and the uncovering of our true nature.

    Mindfulness has been shown in empirical studies to help with emotional stress of all kinds. It has been found to be at least as effective for mild to moderate anxiety and depression as medication alone. It has also been shown to help with anger management, pain management, and it has been shown to reduce the stress of chronic health conditions.

    People who practice mindfulness have better stress resilience and are better able to cope with stressful life circumstances that are beyond their control. Without a doubt, being less reactive in stressful situations can go a long way in improving relationships of all kinds. Increasingly, corporations are providing (as well as funding) employee mindfulness trainings to improve employee stress resilience, work performance, and interpersonal relationships.

    The practice of mindfulness actually rewires the brain from the inside out.  Brain scans have shown that people who practice mindfulness for 8 weeks in structured training receive the benefits of this structural change; the ‘fear’ center of their brain loses volume while the mid prefrontal cortex gains volume. The mid prefrontal cortex helps to counter our stress response, so it is beneficial for this area to gain volume. It counters our stress response by helping us to see the larger picture, encouraging us to pause before we react, and by creating emotional balance.  We need to exercise our bodies to keep physically strong and fit, and science is showing the benefit of mindfulness in keeping our brains strong and resistant to stress.

    Robin’s individual mindfulness teaching, coaching, and training, as well as the following mindfulness classes are currently being taught virtually, which has been very effective and brought many benefits:  Students don’t have to drive to attend a class or individual coaching session, they don’t have to leave their families to meet for individual training or a class, attendance is better, and the sessions and classes are overall more accessible to people all over the world, rather than just in the San Diego, California area.

    Keep scrolling to see a list of the many mindfulness offerings to choose from.

    What our clients have to say about Mindfulness Classes & Coaching

    “The Mindfulness Relationship class improved my relationships immensely.  I have noticed by focusing on compassion, core beliefs and making sure I have met the criteria for mindful speaking, I have noticed that some difficult interactions that used to takes weeks to resolve have taken days instead.   And other difficult interactions that used to take days to resolve have been shorted to hours.   I appreciate all research and efforts that went into making such a great class that can relieve suffering by improving relationships.”

    “The Relational Mindfulness had significant impacts on my wellbeing.  It helped tame my ‘moments of reactivity’, speak mindfully and be at peace with my relationships.  If there was a jigsaw puzzle for living a joyful life, this course would supply many of the pieces.”

    “Our whole family is even remembering, sometimes, to pause for a mindful moment when things start to get stressed or heated some- times my kids remind me to do it”

    “Robins coaching made my whole life integrated, clear of purpose, genuine and centered.”

    “Robin is a passionate, authentic, and wise guide in learning mindfulness. Her individual mindfulness coaching  transformed my life.”

    “The Relational Mindfulness course coincided with one of the most challenging times in my career where I was faced with a difficult interpersonal situation and was on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown. This was a  transformative experience that provided me with the tools to manage my overwhelming emotions and increased my resilience at a critical time in my life and I am forever grateful for that. Robin created a safe space for us to confront our emotions without judgment and coached us to take our mindful practice into the relational sphere. I am hoping that more people give mindfulness a try as we all need to be more empathetic and compassionate towards fellow colleagues now more than ever!”

    “I just want to say that thanks to this class I been able to accept of what is and not what I want, I’m able to be more at peace and function in society. I honestly don’t know how I would manage if I didn’t have Robin’s teachings.   I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend, it has had a huge impact on my life.”

    Individual Mindfulness Training

    Individual mindfulness teaching, coaching and training is perfect for the person who is interested in learning mindfulness, but is unable to take a formal class. Individual coaching also aligns well with people who have learned some mindfulness in the past, or currently have a regular mindfulness practice, but desire to deepen or refresh their practice. Robin offers customized mindfulness coaching, teaching, and training specifically tailored to the needs of you and/or your group.

    Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Trainings:

    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction  (MBSR), developed over 30 years ago at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, is an expression of mindfulness tailored to health and well-being in our contemporary society.  It’s an 8-week structured class that has become the ‘gold-standard’ way to learn about mindfulness and develop a consistent practice in a class setting.  Much of the scientific research showing  the many benefits of mindfulness is done using MBSR classes- because they are taught in a consistent way  by teachers who have rigorous training (and the proper certifications to teach the class).  Robin has been teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for over 15 years and has achieved the prestigious Advanced Teacher Training (ATT) Certification from UCSD Center for Mindfulness. She is considered a Master Teacher, and is sought after to train new MBSR teachers.

    Relational Mindfulness:

    For those  who have had some training in Mindfulness, the question always arises…”What next”?  Robin has created a unique 6 session  mindfulness class focused on bringing mindfulness, right in the  immediate moment, to our interpersonal reactivity: In other words, Relational Mindfulness.  In this 6 session class students learn to calm their own stress response during reactive interpersonal moments, so that their stress doesn’t escalate the conflict.  We are all exquisitely sensitive to the stress responses of the person we are interacting with, and when we soothe our own stress response, the other person is less likely to escalate.  In Relational Mindfulness,  emphasis is placed on utilizing various  mindfulness skills during the actual interaction.

    This training is highly effective for individuals, couples, families and in a corporate setting. Robin recently took a cohort of 24 executives in a large corporate setting through the 6 session Relational Mindfulness class. Before and after surveys were conducted. The participants reported an average improvement of 1 to 2 points (on a 5 point scale) on skills like: being aware of one’s stress response (including physical sensations, thoughts and emotions) in a reactive moment, the ability to pause and soothe their stress response so that helpful words can be found, the ability to feel compassion for themselves as well as the person they are having difficulty with, and the overall ability to remain equanimous (not bothered by the interpersonal difficulty) during difficult interactions. This is indeed a transformative class.

    Radical Acceptance and Basic Goodness:

    This advanced class is geared toward those who have studied some mindfulness and seek a deepening of their practice. In this course students cultivate some of the more heartful qualities of mindfulness:  Loving Kindness, Compassion, Acceptance, and Basic Goodness.

    Corporate Mindfulness:

    Successful non-profits, corporations, and educational institutions understand the value of integrating mindfulness into their business culture. Robin has implemented trainings at such places of education and industry, including the San Diego County School District, Intuit, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), and more.  Most recently, she piloted an intensive MBSR training program at GA-ASI, and has taken over 100 Managers and Leaders of that company through the program. MBSR is a much “deeper dive” into mindfulness than is often made available at many workplaces, and the outcomes speak for themselves (see below). This program was so successful that GA-ASI added Robin’s Relational Mindfulness class (described above) to their corporate mindfulness curriculum. Again, the outcomes speak for themselves.

    Black Mountain Sangha:

    Robin founded and is the guiding teacher of Black Mountain Sangha (a mindfulness practice community) in the North San Diego County area. Mindfulness practitioners who are ready to practice in community with other advanced practitioners are welcome to join this community.

    Day Long Retreats:

    Robin guides local groups, corporations, as well as Black Mountain Sangha on silent “Days of Mindfulness”. These events are held in local retreat centers in the San Diego County area where alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation are held in lovely surroundings.

    If you are interested in any of  these mindfulness training opportunities, please contact Robin at [email protected]