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    Conditions Treated

    Mood Disorders (In adults and teens)

    • Depression
    • Mood-fluctuating Disorders

    Anxiety Disorders (In adults and teens)

    • OCD
    • Phobias
    • Generalized Anxiety
    • Social Anxiety

    Early Onset Conditions

    •      Bipolar Disorder
    •      Depression
    •      OCD

    School Related Problems

    • ADHD
    • Underachieving
    •  Peer Problems

    Trauma Related Conditions-Mindfulness Based Treatment (In adults and teens)

    Chronic Health Problems


    Grief (In children, adults and teens)

    Work Challenges

    Communication Skills

    Life Transitions

    • Divorce
    • College
    • Pre-marital
    • Empty Nest
    • New Parents



    Parent-Child Problems

    Substance Abuse and Compulsive Behaviors (with 12- step involvement)

    Abuse Recovery in Teens and Adults

    Problems involving Sexual Intimacy/Dysfunction

    EAP Counseling

    Mindfulness Training

    • At Work
    • MBSR
    • Relational Mindfulness
    • Individual Mindfulness Coaching
    • Retreats
    • Schools

    My name is Daisy Dharma.

    I’m Robin’s right-hand dog.  This means my job is to say hello when people come to her office and then give lots of love.  One of the people who came to the office recently said that I was so cute, all they had to do is look in my eyes in the morning and they knew they were going to have a good day!  I already knew that! I adore everyone I meet and love belly rubs..  I especially love teen- agers!

    You should tell my human pack leader when you talk to her on the phone if you aren’t ready to have a therapy dog in the office…
    I wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.

    I am non-allergenic!

    I’m currently taking a well deserved sabbatical from many years as a therapy assistant due to Telehealth.

    All sessions are being conducted via Telehealth at this time.

    Telemental Health appointments begin even before the virtual meeting, with the completion of Intake Documents and Screening questionnaires (which are submitted ahead of time via a secure hushmail account) Clients can email Ms. Smith at [email protected] to request an appointment and receive the documents.

    The initial 1 – 2 appointments are evaluative: A thorough evaluation of the presenting problem, history, and other related factors facilitates ease of treatment.

    The treatment plan will be determined after evaluation is complete. Patients are included in treatment plan development. Parents are included in most sessions with children. Frequency of sessions varies but will often be weekly for 2 – 3 months, followed by biweekly therapy until maximum benefit is gained from the therapy.

    In therapy for couples, Robin may alternate between seeing the couple together (that is, conjointly) and seeing each partner individually when this approach makes treatment more effective. If a divorce involving children is part of the presenting scenario, Robin follows legal precedent in making every effort to work with both parents, and both parents must consent in writing to treatment for their minor children.

    Due to their proven efficacy and speed of symptom reduction, Robin suggests evaluations for medication when they are warranted. As a followup to such evaluation, Robin works closely with a team of other professionals to ensure that medication is prescribed if it is necessary.

    Therapy Testimonials

    Robin is an excellent therapist. She has helped me tremendously. Her caring for me and my well-being is evident in everything she does.

    Robin encourages you to integrate as much awareness and self-forgiveness in your life into your life as possible. Her warmth and expertise will certainly put you on the right path to healing mind, body and soul.

    I’ve seen a number of therapists over the years and Robin is the best one of all. I’m able to communicate with her in ‘my’ language, and her responses to me are easy to understand. She provides me with tools to make progress in areas I want to address.

    My 17 year old daughter is strong, assertive, and speaking for herself. Thank you so much for coaching our family in mindfulness.

    All my relationships, especially with my wife, have been more loving, especially from the individual mindfulness coaching,

    My 5 year old son asks to ‘be mindful’ at night, and he falls right to sleep!