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  • Life is difficult. There’s no doubt about it! We have so many constant challenges to juggle- families, work, health, finances, life transitions, stressful life-events and loss. We can’t change these things, but we can learn how to meet these challenges with more equanimity, wisdom and compassion. In doing so, our well-being increases and we have more ability to be of service to those around us. Our relationships improve and we are able to bring our best self to each of life’s moments.

    "Freedom from stress and emotional difficulties is possible - mindfulness will help!"

    About Me

    I’ve been a licensed MFT for over 25 years, as a sole practitioner in the San Diego area. An eclectic therapist, I meld together many philosophies and methodologies, including CBT, Family Systems Therapy, Behavioral, and Mindfulness-Based.  Whatever the issue, population, or methodology, I will be weaving mindfulness skills into our work together. Mindfulness rewires the brain towards more ease and well-being and it really works! Research is showing how effective mindfulness is, and exactly how the nervous system is rewired with mindfulness training!  I provide a balance between insight oriented therapy and behavior change.  Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, I’ve transitioned to 100% Telemental Health. My clients have all elected to stay in that format due to the many benefits: Telehealth saves time by avoiding driving, traffic and parking.  It’s easy to have a Telehealth appointment anywhere you are.  In addition, telemental health has been found to be at least as effective as in-person treatment, and in some studies decreases premature dropping out of therapy.

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